Friday, 2 October 2015



Letting down my hair
Τhese curly red locks
Putting on my dress
That silk ocean gown

I ran into you,
With bruised feet
And bleeding wrists.

You caressed me
And built a glass tower
And a tall bed
With white sheets
To make love,
Passionate love,
When you stayed the nights.

I never flinched
Or shoved you
When you spit
Venomous lies
And deathly words,
Abusing me
I knew you were my only savior
I knew you loved me
You did it too well,
You loved me to suffocate me
And to ache me.

I am wearing up my hair
And I am putting off
My dress,
Your favorite silk dress,
I'm picking up the pieces
And I'm waving good night,
While you are holding
My blood and screams
Tightly at your fists.

Be careful!
Drowning in a glass
Full of tears
Is dangerous.
It could have never worked for m